ABN: 77 304 585 702
From the office of Steve Wilson
Location: Sydney, Australia
Subject: "Social Media Lead Generation"

Local businesses are struggling to find new clients. I am here to do the heavy lifting for you.

I will advertise your business though social media, sending new leads to your email and phone in real time.

Potential clients will request your call back. All you need to do is call them right away and invite them to your office.

Leads are generated in a non-traditional way. Here's how it works and how it will benefit you:

  1. I'll set up custom ads to generate leads for your business.
  2. The ad will gain interest due to a special low cost introductory offer.
  3. The prospective client responds to the ad and fills in a form requesting your call back.
  4. The lead is sent directly to your mobile phone and email in real time.
  5. You call the prospective client back within 15 minutes.
  6. The prospective client visits your office to meet with you and you convert them to a client.

This is seperate to all of your existing advertising. Think of it more like additional advertising on top of what is already working for you.

I won't be managing any of your existing advertising programs.

Contact me or request a call back Here.

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